Is Couscous Gluten Free?

No, is not gluten free. It contains the protein gluten. Couscous is a Moroccan pasta, shaped into tiny grains and made from semolina wheat flour. Therefore, it contains gluten like any other wheat-based pasta.

If you see couscous on an ingredients list it will usually list wheat or another term for wheat in the sub-ingredient parenthesis. But even if it does not, you must assume that it contains gluten.

The term couscous refers to the pasta itself, but also to the dish made from it, no matter what ingredients, such as vegetables, meat, and seasonings, that are added to it.

It is used much like rice is used to make a pilaf.

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Is Cool Whip Gluten Free?

Yes, Kraft Cool Whip products are gluten free, including the flavored "Season's Delight" varieties. Kraft marks all sources of gluten clearly in its ingredient listings, several of which are given below, and no Cool Whip products contain any reported sources of gluten. See Kraft's gluten content explanation of gluten labeling.

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Is Cheez Whiz Gluten Free?

Yes, Kraft Cheez Whiz is gluten free.

Kraft clearly indicates any sources of gluten in its label ingredient listings.

According to the ingredient listing, shown below, of Kraft Cheez Whiz, there are no sources of gluten in the product.

Check Kraft's label reading for gluten information page on the company website for further information.

Not all companies clearly list hidden sources of hidden gluten, as Kraft does.

For instance, a natural coloring such as caramel may be derived from wheat, but most food labels would not indicate whether such a coloring was a source of gluten.

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Is Velveeta Gluten Free?

Yes, Kraft Velveeta® brand cheese product is gluten free. In fact, it is regularly featured in gluten free recipes in gluten free cookbooks and references. The ingredients, listed below, contain no wheat or other grains. Kraft voluntarily labels its products for gluten content.

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