Is Michael Phelps the Greatest Athlete Ever? How Do We Compare This to Lifting?

There is a lot of talk about Michael Phelps and his many, many medals. Is he the greatest Olympian ever? Well, it depends on your perspective. As has been said already a thousand times, a case can be made that he is the greatest Olympian ever. But what is true of athletics in general is true of the Olympics. In fact, the Olympics is a case study in...

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Anorexia Nervosa: Explanation, Signs, and Symptoms

The term anorexia nervosa comes from the Greek word for lack of appetite and a Latin word implying a nervous origin. It is a major emotional eating disorder and is characterized by three main criteria: Significant self-induced starvation, or near-starvation An extreme desire for thinness or being extremely afraid of becoming fat The presence of...

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Amenorrhea is the absence or suppression of menstruation in females. Excessive training in females can sometimes lead to this. Excessive training combined with restricted eating leading to amenorrhea (for 3 to 6 consecutive cycles) and osteoporosis is sometimes considered a syndrome referred to as the female athlete triad. Amenorrhea is normal...

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Overuse Injuries in Female Athletes

Men Versus Women Athletes: What's really Different anatomically, physiologically and psychologically?1 By Alan Ivković2, Miljenko Franić3, Ivan Bojanić, and Marko Pećina4 The last three decades have witnessed a tremendous increase in female sports participation at all levels. However, increased sports participation of female athletes has also...

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Paul Chek On Piss

One of those C.H.E.K. videos was just called to my attention and to say the least, I am outraged by it. The subject of the video is abdominal floor function (of course..what else does he ever talk about?) and what Chek chooses to do in this 'seminar' is in bad enough taste without turning around and posting it to YouTube. I don't watch these...

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