Rubber Band Hand Extensions

Posted on 18 Feb 2012 19:28

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All muscle groups have corresponding antagonist groups and the muscles of grip are no exception. While the gripping of objects is a performed by the flexion muscles of grip, the opposite action, opening the hand, is performed by the extensors. Perform grip training but make sure to also spend some time exercising the extensors of the hand. These muscles are exercised simply by opening the hand against resistance. There are several effective methods, such as opening the hand after pushing it into a bucket of sand, but banded hand extensions are by far the easiest to use, and there is absolutely no need to buy expensive elastic band to do them.

Use a large office rubber band and add more bands when you want to add more resistance. Or, save the elastic bands from broccoli or asparagus. They are perfect for this exercise. As with the regular rubber bands, when you need more resistance ad another band. If another broccoli elastic is too much resistance, use a thinner office band. You do not need to use loads of resistance and do not try to set hand extension records. Take it easy and slow. You can overdo it very easily and you may not know it till you injure your hand. Do less than you think is necessary. The video below demonstrates this simple exercise.

Rubber Band Hand Extensions Video

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