Exercise Technique

Unilateral Lat Pulldowns

Exercise Description with Video: Unilateral Lat Pulldowns

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Dumbbell Lunge Press (aka Dumbbell Lunge and Press)

Also called a front lunge press, the dumbbell lunge press is basically a lunge combined with an overhead press. It can be performed with dumbbells in one or both hands and with a front or reverse lunge. This exercise is not only a great stability challenge and a full body strength exercise it is a great conditioning challenge and perfect for incorporating into conditioning days. Heavy weights are not required to make this exercise demanding.

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How to Perform the Military Press (Standing Overhead Barbell Press)

The Military Press has also been referred to as Shoulder Press or Overhead Press and while some may claim they are different exercises, we can say that the heart of the exercise is a vertical press with a straight bar.

Having several different names for the same exercise is quite normal in the strength training world. Names like "overhead press" and "shoulder press" are likely an attempt to use more useful and appropriate names for the military press exercise…but they fall short in several ways.

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Romanian Deadlift (RDL)

What Does RDL Stand For?

RDL stands for 'Romanian Deadlift.'

What is the RDL Exercise?

The Romanian deadlift is a deadlift variation that is begun from the hang position rather than from the floor. This exercise was originally used by weightlifters1 to improve performance in the competitive lifts but the RDL is not really as similar to any phase of the clean or the snatch as many believe.

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