Getting In The Zone III: Ten Easy Steps!

Posted on 22 Jul 2009 14:26

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This post is not exactly part of my regularly scheduled programming about achieving flow or getting in the Zone. Instead, I felt it was important to address some of the internet crapola on this subject.

First of all, if you dive deep you can find lots of information on the psychology of sport, the psychology of flow, anxiety, name it, we all know it can be had on the net. IF you can find it.

But most people if they ever think about this at all will simply try to find information on "getting in the ZONE" or just "the ZONE". They will be rewarded with snake oil salesmen.

Anybody who tells you that they can teach you how to get your head perfect in TEN EASY STEPS! is trying to steal your money. Nobody can do that. The process that each individual must go through to achieve flow is unique. Each 'step' will require 'sub steps' for lack of better terminology.

Sports organizations hire professional sports psychologists to help their athletes with these issues. These psychologists get paid thousands of dollars to work personally with the athletes, their coaches and trainers. And what is easy to master for one athlete may be much harder for another. OR completely inappropriate. The thing that is blocking you is probably not the same thing that is blocking the guy next to you. And yet, there are people who promise you 'it's simple' and only costs $19.95.

Many people are willing to pay their hard earned money to be told what they WANT to hear. Don't fall for it.

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