Getting in the Zone VI: Flow and Zone are Just Words

Posted on 12 Dec 2009 23:57

Number six in this flow series is not about achieving flow at all. Rather it is about the words flow and zone themselves.

Words like that, when they are used in the context of psychology and related fields, need to be qualified. The last thing I want to do is insult my reader's intelligence. There's enough of that on the webernet already.

But how do I explain this to you without seeming to dance around the issue? I know, I'll take the honest route.

Flow and Zone are just words. I prefer the word flow and others stick with zone or "the zone". I am not talking about the so-called "psychology of flow". That tends to devolve into mumbo-jumbo about spiritual energy and chi.

It is not my purpose in these articles to prove to you that this state exists. All the explanation is meant simply to serve as a background. Some underpinning or foundation. My purpose is to help you succeed in your strength training. The words used are just best efforts to find a simple way to communicate this thing that some people manage to experience.

Although there is a little bit of science, as far as brain activity is concerned, to point to some sort of actual and distinct mental state of being "centered" I am not making any claims toward that. I just need words that make sense.

Far from being wishy-washy, I think you should take that as a validation. What if you were unsuccessful at getting any results with these articles and I said to you "It is because you don't believe in flow". That would be a sign for you to exit..stage left.

See I'm not asking you to believe. Or to accept. I'm asking you to stay open-minded and give it a valid try. Anything worth accomplishing takes time and work. So instead of belief, I ask for a little time and work.

If you need specific strategies for specific problems then ask. My comment door is open.

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