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You Too Can Lift A Car!

by EricTEricT 01 Apr 2012 22:37

Or not. One of the most prevailing habits in this industry is to take isolated pieces of information and run with them, making sweeping conclusions with little to no consideration of other factors. Information is nothing in and of itself. It's what you do with it, or, how you apply it in regards to the BIG PICTURE. Probably one of the biggest drawbacks of the information age is unlimited information with limited background. Limited background makes facts interchangeable with knowledge. I discussed this often misunderstood difference between knowledge and facts in my post: Facts, Knowledge, and Reasoning Skills

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All Opinions are Equally Valid: The Myth of Balance in Critical Thinking

by EricTEricT 21 May 2011 21:32

There is a myth out there in webernet land: You must be balanced and consider all opinions and arguments. You must weigh them all equally. If you don't you are not thinking "critically".

I deal with this all the time. "Is this program any good?," I am asked. "No," I say, "It's crap."

"Why?" They say. "Why don't you ask me why can't dogs fly?" I reply.

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Natural, That Darn Word Again

by EricTEricT 24 Mar 2011 02:53

Let's Strike the Word NATURAL from Our Vocabulary

Once again, I just came up against one of the most useful words in the English language. Useful because it can be instantly tweaked and expanded to fit the needs of the person using it. Natural is one of those words that is not defined by what it is, but simply by what the person using it thinks it isn't! And I hate it, I tell ya. I cringe even when I let the word slip out. It happened to me not long ago when I realized that I had used the word "natural" in this article about Paradoxical and Diaphragmatic Breathing. It is so easy to fall back on these muddy words and I beat myself up when I do it. And so should you, my fair readers.

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Cranks and Crackpots in Strength Training and Beyond

by EricTEricT 21 Mar 2011 22:55

I got to thinking about familiar seeming strength training concepts when a new member came on the forum to introduce himself. He was saying that the concept of the "relative max" from the Singles Scene seemed oddly familiar and reminded him of concepts from Bulgarian weightlifting training. I don't know much about Bulgarian training but I thought, well good. After all I didn't invent it and I can't have been the only person to understand its importance. That would not be good, you see. That would be bad. Because if I'm the ONLY person to actually think a certain concept is really important, it probably isn't. Because I ain't that smart. I'm average at best, although I do strive to do above average work.

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Corrective Exercise: What I'm Really Tired Of

by EricTEricT 24 Sep 2010 15:45

I recently read a review in Leigh Peele's Blog of Nick Tuminnello's newest product. She mentioned that many people may be a bit tired of the conversation concerning corrective exercise. And for those who engage in strength training as a side line I can see it growing very tiring. I personally do not get tired of discussing things that are worthwhile to discuss. What I do get tired of is when conversation about something like training for strength becomes bottle-necked.

One of my members linked to an article about some self-proclaimed "glute master". There seems to be a lot of variations on this theme but "ass master" was already taken. The article turned out to be a lot of very complicated thought that lead the writer to think that strength training was simply taking a bunch of "corrective" exercises (mostly supine or prone) and adding weight to them.

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Paul Chek On Piss

by EricTEricT 31 Aug 2009 14:58

One of those C.H.E.K. videos was just called to my attention and to say the least, I am outraged by it. The subject of the video is "abdominal floor function" (of course..what else does he ever talk about?) and what Chek chooses to do in this 'seminar' is in bad enough taste without turning around and posting it to YouTube.

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