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Getting in the Zone (FLOW) Series

by EricTEricT 12 Aug 2009 19:15

12 Aug 2009 19:15

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Controlling Anxiety During Lifting

by EricTEricT 28 Jan 2010 16:30

Much of the Getting in the Zone series of articles are focused on areas of sport psychology. Having psychologists help athletes perform better is a relatively new thing. While I have drawn from that, as I read some of the articles on this subject (controlling anxiety, etc) from sport psychologists, I wonder if many of them really "get it". Sure they understand the statistics and have a background in the psychology affecting performance, but have they ever been there? Do they know what it feels like? I read with interest an article in the "Mind Games" section of the NSCA's performance training journal by Suzie Tuffey Riewald entitled "Help, I'm Nervous". It's related, of course to my Getting in the Zone series of articles.

28 Jan 2010 16:30

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Going to the Heart of Things: Break the "Advanced" Mess Down to Its Essence

by EricTEricT 04 May 2010 13:46

I complained about the misuse of quotes in fitness articles in my first Bad Fitness Article post. While writing the last post in that series I was thinking about the mess of programs and so-called advanced training techniques and this caused me to go all philosophical. So I wanted to see if I could use quotes in a useful and legitimate way to illustrate some of my ideas in this area. I called on two of my favorites and went from Bruce Lee to Emerson.

04 May 2010 13:46

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Strength Training Motivation And Goal Setting

by EricTEricT 01 Jun 2010 20:13

Why do you strength train? Are you even clear on the reasons? Do they change from week to week? With so much emphasis on goals perhaps we are missing something even more fundamental and vital. Motivation. What good are goals when you are not even clear what motivates you to do what you do?

01 Jun 2010 20:13

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Strength Training, Pain, and the Regressive Fallacy

by EricTEricT 29 Jun 2010 05:32

You're going to wonder why there is a psychology lecture on a strength training blog, I'm sure. Well bear with me because I'm not even going to talk about psychology, even though that is an interest of mine. Listen to the lecture by Dr. Paul Bloom of Yale University and get with me on this because it relates to some of the points I've been making in my posts here and many comments and articles throughout the site.

29 Jun 2010 05:32

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Self-Control: Not all its Cracked Up To Be

by EricTEricT 01 Sep 2010 15:44

More and more, everyone is learning that "diets" don't work. Sure, people drop weight on diets but they fail to make a lasting change. I don't need to go into this, you know all about yo-yo dieting. Despite this there are still plenty of judgmental folks (who probably wouldn't know a problem if it bit them in the tuchus) who will say stuff like, "jeez, whatever happened to old-fashioned self-control?"

01 Sep 2010 15:44

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The Paradox of Choice by Dr. Barry Schwartz

by EricTEricT 11 Sep 2010 21:25

Confession. I'm a real geek for Ted Talks (although they sometimes present some real crap). I particularly love this talk by Dr. Barry Schwartz. If you don’t relate to most of the things Schwartz talks about in this video then you may have already discovered the secret to happiness!

Schwartz is a sociology professor at Swarthmore and author of "The Paradox of Choice: Why Less is More". In the talk he makes a great case for how the abundance of choice in our affluent Western society is making us miserable. The story Dr. Schwartz relates about buying a new pair of jeans made me laugh because that is ME. I want that pair of jeans too…the kind that used to be the only kind.

11 Sep 2010 21:25

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Fitness: All Encompassing Means Paralyzing?

by EricTEricT 16 Sep 2010 12:59

In my previous post I presented the talk by Dr. Barry Schwartz regarding “The Paradox of Choice”. Also, I've lately been speaking about having specific goals in our training and making specific choices about the direction our training should take.

If you read my piece on the concept of fitness you’ll see that I don’t think much of the word. Yes, I use it on occasion for brevity or convenience but depending on your perspective it’s either to vague or too all-encompassing.

16 Sep 2010 12:59

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The Rudy Effect: How Fitness Goals are Really Reached

by EricTEricT 30 Nov 2010 14:46

Sometimes I get myself so busy with writing about how to strength train, getting all down and dirty with the technical stuff, that I forget something very important. The same thing with dispensing advice.

You see, something that I sometimes forget but that is always in the back of my brain is a sad fact: The majority of people who find my articles or ask my advice will not be training a year from now. Or even a few months from now. In fact, it is quite likely that one of my articles is the first and last thing they will ever read about strength training or any other kind of "fitness pursuit". And the same is true of anyone who does what I do.

30 Nov 2010 14:46

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Asinine Expectations in Strength Training

by EricTEricT 10 Jan 2011 15:00

I have noticed something curious in the strength training world and in the fitness world at large. Strength training and fitness professionals need to be less "me" oriented and the public needs to be less "other" oriented.

10 Jan 2011 15:00

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Fitness and Strength Training: It's A Process

by EricTEricT 11 Jan 2011 17:29

I am in the process of transferring some old posts from the old "GUStrength's Blog" to here. This post was written in August 2009 and like many of the posts over there was never really seen. I think it is a good one and worth having more visibility, but I'll let you be the judge. It concerns a subject that we often discuss here at GUS, which comes down to the question of being a "task-oriented" or "outcome-oriented" person. This has been mentioned in numerous forum discussions and articles, so we must think it is a fairly important distinction. Here, I am trying to clear up just why that is.

11 Jan 2011 17:29

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Guilt and Exercise Don't Mix

by EricTEricT 12 Jan 2011 17:26

12 Jan 2011 17:26

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Is Motivation an Overused Term in Strength Training and Fitness?

by EricTEricT 10 Jun 2013 13:22

The text of this of this blog post is a transcript of the video talk presented here, which explores whether the word motivation is a misunderstood and overused word in fitness and strength training circles. Motivation is treated as if it is a black-and-white concept, and a person is either motivated or they are not motivated. It could be, however, that motivation is much more complex than this and the word used alone, without qualification, may be too vague, or too broad to be of much use.

10 Jun 2013 13:22

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Fitness Insider Groups and the Ultimate Attribution Error

by EricTEricT 15 Sep 2013 17:47

You can read the article or listen to the video talk below, which has more material in it, with additional commentary.

The fitness industry is made up of in-groups and out-groups. Of course, whatever group you are in, is the in-group as far as you are concerned. Some groups have more social power than others, however, and are able to draw more members. So we have something like minorities in the fitness world. William Graham Summer, an American sociologist and a social-Darwinist, is said to have coined the terms in-group and out-group, in his 1906 book Folkways. I use these terms differently than the nasty way in which he used them.

15 Sep 2013 17:47

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Food Babe, Experience Life Mag, and Their Ilk: Do We Have to Join Em To Beat Em?

by EricTEricT 25 Sep 2014 19:19

In one of the threads on Facebook posted about the Food Babe and Experience Life Mag controversy, where people were complaining about the BS, someone started saying that, basically, the people commenting were all wasting their time complaining and that we need to pay more attention to how she, and others like her, frame their messages in order to reach and influence so many people.

25 Sep 2014 19:19

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