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Posted on 31 Aug 2009 14:58

One of those C.H.E.K. videos was just called to my attention and to say the least, I am outraged by it. The subject of the video is "abdominal floor function" (of course..what else does he ever talk about?) and what Chek chooses to do in this 'seminar' is in bad enough taste without turning around and posting it to YouTube.

I don't watch these videos and it's been up a while I'm sure but there is not a statute of limitations on this. Youtube videos don't go away.

First the story. During the 2000 Sydney Olympics, a female athlete attempted a clean and jerk of 110 kgs (I think). So we are talking 242 pounds. She went down into a deep squat and got stuck in the hole but tried valiantly to get out of it. She was not going to give up until it was inevitable to do so…at which time she had to drop the bar.

Unfortunately, she lost control of her bladder. At the Olympics, during one of the biggest moments of her life, with probably millions of people watching.

Of course, some ASSHOLE had to post it on Youtube so that a bunch of other assholes could make fun of it.

As if this weren't enough, someone who should know better, Paul Chek, chose to display a still picture of her during that moment and point to her loss of control in disgust at his seminar which means, of course, on YouTube as well. He used it as "evidence" of his "sucking in the gut" theory and says look what happens to even athletes whose abdominal floor isn't functioning?…and goes on in his typical "I yell so I'm right" way to show his disgust at this "crap" that weightlifters are exposed to while pointing at the athlete with his little stick.

To Paul Chek and anyone who thinks it is funny: This is a PERSON. Not a figment of the internet. She has friends, a family, a life. You did not need to further embarrass her in your damned seminar. Only a jerk would do such a thing. I have more respect and admiration for the athletes out there doing it than I do for self-styled experts thumbing their nose at them but this is beyond the beyond.

It is especially disrespectful for female athletes and he probably would have done well to consult a urologist before making his "claims" regarding her.

As for his assertions? Ridiculous. He manages to pull ONE image off Youtube and that is a proof of his theory. I've watched a lot of Olympic Weightlifting in my time and I've never seen this happen before. So if this "crap" they are all exposed to is so very bad for their abdominal floors…where is all the piss on the lifting room floor?

The Pelvic Floor and Bladder Control

There is more than just the pelvic floor muscles involved in controlling a woman's bladder. The sphincter muscles and the bladder muscle itself play a role. It's as complex as any other system of the body. I am continuously amazed at Chek's simultaneous over-complications and over-simplifications. On one hand, he insists that to be a trainer is to be something akin to a nuclear engineer. On the other hand, he hyper-focuses on one muscle or group of muscles continuously. Now, I've gone and fallen into the trap of arguing about the person instead of the theories but for one, I'm pissed by this, and two, I kind of did argue a point because I am referring to his statements about how very complicated we are.

Many women can have problems with bladder control during high impact activities even if they wouldn't normally have a problem. And one of the biggest culprits? Overhead lifting and squats. The increase in intra-abdominal pressure puts pressure on the bladder.

A heavy clean and jerk attempt imparts a BIG impact and uses a DEEP WEIGHTED SQUAT done EXPLOSIVELY. Probably the athlete simply drank too much before her attempt. In Chek's normal style, he over-complicates everything in an attempt to befuddle us. Calling further attention to this was a jerk move. One would think he could produce evidence to support his claims that didn't involve embarrassing an Olympic athlete.

Even so, it is true that "excessive" weightlifting is thought to cause stress incontinence in many women, through a weakening and stretching of the pelvic floor muscles. "Improper technique" and "failure to engage the pelvic floor muscles" has been blamed. Pregnancy can cause the same thing. Wait a minute, I'm seeing the light. Pregnant women need to suck in that gut!

The pelvic floor muscles (PFM) function to elevate the bladder, preventing descent of the bladder neck during rises in intra-abdominal pressure and to occlude the urethra. The efficacy of strengthening of PF muscles has been shown in some reviews. Increasing the strength, endurance, and speed of contraction could help to keep the bladder neck raised during periods of elevated intra-abdominal pressure with adequate urethral closure force.

I doubt Chek, the king of cut and paste, knows the difference between the word efficacy and effectiveness. Efficacy is defined as "the probability of benefit to individuals in a defined population from a medical technology applied for a given medical problem under ideal conditions of use". By contrast, effectiveness is considered to have all the attributes of efficacy but to reflect "performance under ordinary conditions by the average practitioner for the typical patient".1

A defined population under ideal conditions for a given medical problem. Efficacy is not effectiveness, which would mean that the average woman suffering with UI could expect to get results under treatment by an average practitioner using a certain protocol. Not that a certain protocol has been established for pelvic floor strengthening. Chek, as usual, is out of his depth and his mind to announce that he has brought the problem of UI to a conclusion….on a Youtube video. I've been hearing myself saying this quite a bit lately.

Real science is not done on youtube! Yet.

I don't think Chek would have gotten away with following exercising women around with a camera looking for wet spots. Good thing for him someone posted a Youtube video of this athlete in her moment.

Anyway, I don't even want to post a link to the video but it would be rude to rant about a video and then refuse to link it. There is no way in hell I will link the original Youtube posting of the lift, though.

But really I get it. If you don't want to pee..don't use a barbell. Instead, vibrate a piece of plastic and swing a club around. All the while artificially sucking in your gut. Here is the video.

1. Neumann, et al., Patricia B. "BioMed Central | Full text | Pelvic floor muscle training and adjunctive therapies for the treatment of stress urinary incontinence in women: a systematic review." BioMed Central Web. 31 Jan. 2010. <>. (direct quotes)

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