Hunger is a Physical Feeling

Posted on 15 Jul 2010 17:53

This is a post that appeared in Gustrength's Blog in May 2009. I think it is a good post and that more people will read it here so I am moving it, along with many other past posts from that blog.

In my post, Instinctual Eating, Thin People, and Appetite, I discussed eating from the perspective of one life-long thin person.

My problem is not, therefore, keeping off fat but eating enough to maintain my strength and of course to continually get stronger. For a person like me that is not so easy to do and involves what seems like a lot of eating. Back when I was still suffering from the bodybuilding affliction it was even worse.

It should be clear that I am not a fat loss expert. You know, there are probably two groups who tend to be the worse at doling out fat loss advice. Overweight people who have never reached their fat loss goal and THIN people. I say they tend to be worse because what really counts is your ability to help other people.

I have this feeling that thin people should try to keep their fat loss advise to themselves unless they have a whole lot of direct experience dealing with the problem and helping others. This is certainly not my area.

I figure it won’t hurt for me to pay attention to how I think about food and how I react to it, though. I know how to eat healthy and obviously, I know how to be thin. And I look damned good for a guy over 40…or 20 for that matter. I may not stay thin through conscious effort but I do have the ability to take objective looks at myself. It’s one of the things that have made me successful in my own training. I’m not emotionally attached to my training, eating, or anything to do with it…I’m only attached to the results.

Physical versus Emotional Hunger

Today I was at the pool with friends and somebody was munching on some Doritos and they offered me some.

I recalled Michelle May’s very important statement: “Hunger is a physical feeling.” Now I love Doritos. I mean I REALLY love Doritos. So when offered Doritos I wanted some. Yet I turned them down. Why?

I only wanted the Doritos because I like the taste of them. I was NOT PHYSICALLY HUNGRY. What I wanted had nothing to do with what I needed.

Don’t get me wrong. A couple of Doritos would not have been a big deal. Even a handful would have been just fine. That is not the point. On this occasion, I simply chose not to eat them because I was not hungry. Knowing full well that at some point in the near future if I want some Doritos I will damn well eat some.

The question is, do we all recognize the difference between hunger and the emotional desire to eat? Possibly, what we want gets mixed up with what we need.

If you are managing your weight or trying to lose weight ask yourself these questions. Am I eating because I am physically hungry? Or for some other reason? Can I even tell the difference between physical and emotional hunger?

Here is the thing about emotional hunger. It just means something is missing. That something is probably not food or you wouldn’t be overweight. So what do you really need?

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