Posted on 06 Sep 2009 16:54

Olympic Deadlift, Clean Style, or Powerlifting Deadlift?

by EricTEricT 06 Sep 2009 04:16

What is the difference between an Olympic deadlift or clean style and powerlifting style deadlift?

There is no such distinction. There never was. I am sure that many powerlifters think that they have a style of deadlifting that should be called a "powerlifting style deadlift" but the deadlift is not a derivative of the clean and jerk. It is not a part of the Olympics, and there is no style that distinguishes such.

06 Sep 2009 04:16

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Why is the Deadlift a Slow Pull and the Olympic Lifts Fast Pulls?

by EricTEricT 25 May 2010 21:36

Slow Pulls Versus Fast Pulls

What makes a "pull" slow or fast. Is it a choice? After all, we can do speed deadlifts. So does that make the deadlift a fast pull?

These questions come up because most strength trainees have been trained in the slow lifts but not the fast Olympic lifts. The information they have received about the fast lifts is from those who "dabble" in them. Alternatively, they receive information from those who only dabble in strength in general…but that is another subject.

25 May 2010 21:36

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Biceps Tears from Deadlifts?

by EricTEricT 28 Jul 2010 20:44

Lots of trainees ask whether they can get a torn bicep from deadlifts. Actually there are three related questions which I will introduce one after the other:

28 Jul 2010 20:44

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Deadlifts and Muscle Mass: Myths that Sell

by EricTEricT 11 Feb 2012 19:20

Somebody recently implied that I try to sell pure strength training to everybody. The idea being, I suppose, that I want to convince everybody to engage in maximum strength training and think it is "bad" if they don't, or, by extension, fail to follow my advice. Well, those who have read my blog extensively, of course, know better, since the "selling of strength" training is something I adamantly oppose and often complain about.

11 Feb 2012 19:20

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