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Cut The Relative Strength Bullshit in Fat Loss

22 Oct 2015 20:27

I have a dream. I dream of a world where strength training experts train people for strength and fat loss experts help people lose weight. In this fantasy world, neither pretends that the other is a primary goal. In other words, my strength experts will not claim that fat loss will make you stronger, and my fat loss experts will not claim that strength training will make you lose weight and therefore make you stronger.

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Does a Cool Down Period Help You Recover from Training?

20 Oct 2015 17:22

Answer: It probably does, though of course it depends on the level and type of training.

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Were The Old-Time Strongmen Really Stronger?

20 Oct 2015 16:50

In my article Is the Deadlift an Anything Goes Lift?, I brought up old time strength training culture, I wanted to make it clear that I was using it as an illustration of how the lifts came about, and not as a suggestion that we should emulate the way they trained.

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Happy Thoughts and A Barbell

17 Oct 2015 21:13

I don't know if you've noticed, but in strength training, there seems to be two opposite groups along the emotional barometer.

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Why Don't My Workouts Become Any Easier?

16 Oct 2015 22:33

This is a question I am surprised I've never mentioned, since it is asked so frequently. I decided to look around for answers to this question by personal trainers, and I must say I was disgusted at the results.

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If You Don't Use Too Much Weight and Have Perfect Lifting Form, You'll Never Get Hurt

30 Apr 2015 03:06

I'm currently reading a novel where the main character needs to put on muscle. Well, at least he thinks he needs to put on muscle. The author is confused. The character really needs to get as strong as possible as quickly as possible, which isn't necessarily the same thing at all. I won't tell you what book this is since you don't need to know just how much of a geek I am. OK, you forced me, it's sort of a time travel book about a guy who needs to fight an incoming wave of inter-dimensional monsters. See, I told you…

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Is Calling Dr. Oz a Quack an Ad Hominem Attack?

27 Apr 2015 16:57

I'd like to speak, once again, about the confusion around the term "ad hominem." Ad hominem arguments take the form, in a simple sense, "you are wrong because you're a jerk."

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