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What is Bulletproof, Fitness Industry?

09 Jan 2016 21:57

Sorry, fitness peeps, I'm not buying your bulletproof promises. I want a fitness expert, strength coach, or anyone who knows, to define the word bulletproof for me. I know we can define what bulletproof means in regards to actual physical bullets fired from a gun, but I want to know what it means in regards to fitness, strength training, or health.

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The Eight Most Essential Exercises You Need to To Do (Or Not!)

06 Jan 2016 22:50

Here we go again. If you've read this blog a couple of times, you know good and well I would never pen an article about anything essential or that you "need to know." Most things you do not need to know and no exercise is essential.

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The ONE Problem That Will Keep You From Squatting Heavy

05 Jan 2016 18:57

You want a heavy squat but you just can't seem to add any weight to the bar. I can guarantee that it is because of one common problem that almost all squatters have. Once you fix this one problem you will be on your way to multiple squat PR's in no time!

Don't worry, I'll put in an anatomical diagram to prove I know what I am talking about. But let me explain how this one problem affects your squat, and why you need me to help you solve it.

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Cut The Relative Strength Bullshit in Fat Loss

22 Oct 2015 20:27

I have a dream. I dream of a world where strength training experts train people for strength and fat loss experts help people lose weight. In this fantasy world, neither pretends that the other is a primary goal. In other words, my strength experts will not claim that fat loss will make you stronger, and my fat loss experts will not claim that strength training will make you lose weight and therefore make you stronger.

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Does a Cool Down Period Help You Recover from Training?

20 Oct 2015 17:22

Answer: It probably does, though of course it depends on the level and type of training.

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Were The Old-Time Strongmen Really Stronger?

20 Oct 2015 16:50

In my article Is the Deadlift an Anything Goes Lift?, I brought up old time strength training culture, I wanted to make it clear that I was using it as an illustration of how the lifts came about, and not as a suggestion that we should emulate the way they trained.

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