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You Cannot Be Generally Advanced - Advanced Fitness Is Specific

16 Dec 2014 01:29

I saw a fitness post the other day that said, "If there is no progress there is no health benefit." I replied that this is not necessarily true, but the author of the post decided not to engage me on the subject. The message that you must continue to progress in order to "be healthy" is erroneous. It is no surprise to me that the author did not choose to defend his assertion.

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When it comes to Education About Food, We Are Full of It: Fear-Laden and Romanticized Messages Go Hand in Hand

15 Dec 2014 22:44

On a blog called "Fooducate" which I have been aware of for some time, and which is chock-full of unreasonable fear messages about food, I came across an article by a dietician speaking out against food fear-mongering. This is sure to confuse the regular blog readers. Linked on the very same page was a short non-fact-filled article about mechanically separated meat or so called pink slime. This article seems to exist for no other reason that to induce fear. The comments, perhaps, are even more revealing than the lack of a consistent message in this blog.

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Fitness Bullshit and Philosophy: A Fool-Proof Recipe!

03 Dec 2014 19:58

I recently began saying, or repeating, as is my fashion, that "fitness philosophers" do not often seem to care too much about what is good, only what sounds good. That is a bold, and probably insulting, statement, to some of my friends who are caught up in the world of philosophy, I know. Then, I began reading a book about bullshit. It is not the first book I've perused on the subject of bullshit, and it probably won't be the last. I'll bet that not many people realize that there is serious thought, some of it quite philosophical, about bullshit in the academic world.

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Most Diseases are Caused by Poor Nutrition - Food Quackery Myth Examined

01 Dec 2014 22:22

As I've pointed out so many times in the past, much of today's "nutrition" advice is actually medical advice, but of a spurious nature. One of the main contentions of this type of advice is that most diseases, health conditions, or just symptoms are caused by a lack of proper nutrition. There are hundreds and hundreds of nutrition "experts," some of which have grown to celebrity status, that tell their audience that just about anything that ails them can be cured by eating a certain food, adhering to a certain diet, or taking a certain vitamin, mineral, or supplement.

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If You are Not Going to Compete, The Only Reason to Strength Train is For Fitness and Health: Stop Saying That!

07 Nov 2014 17:28

I am going to have an aneurysm. There is a little vein in my forehead that is just pulsing. It's getting bigger and bigger and I'm afraid its getting ready to pop. Why? Because yet again I read someone saying that unless you plan to compete, your goal in strength training should not be to get stronger or to achieve a big lift. It infuriates me. Plain and simple. I am sick of hearing it and sick of reading it. It's bullshit. Stop saying it.

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Bring Your Strength to the Highest Levels Without Actually Pushing Your Limits

03 Nov 2014 20:55

So, you want to get real strong, do you? Then, why in the world are you here on this page? If you are attracted to the idea of achieving great physical strength without actually exploring the limits of your physical strength, then you are not attracted to strength training! You see, the title is nonsense. Why did I choose it? Because it mirrors the titles, or the themes, of the majority of articles about strength training on the web.

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Toxic Hunger? Toxic Clickbait is More Like It!

27 Oct 2014 00:27

I am very happy to be bringing you this guest post by Dave Hargreaves, a fantastic personal trainer operating out of Melbourne, Australia, who specializes in Flexible Dieting with an interest in the avoidance of relapse for those in recovery from, or susceptible to eating disorders. His current and past clients include marathon runners, triathletes, powerlifters and others with general fitness and body conditioning goals. Dave has an infectious passion for the truth, and absolutely no tolerance for the pseudo-scientific and often harmful claims and prescriptions that plague the fitness and health industry. He goes after nonsense, and those who perpetuate it, with a fierceness and complete lack of pretension that is not often seen in this industry. Here, he rebuts an article from T-Nation, and its fantastical and baseless claims concerning 'toxic hunger.'

By Dave Hargreaves

Last week the T-Nation website ran an article on nutrition, which included some highly dubious claims about what happens when you choose “the wrong foods,” according to a new theory apparently coming out of the nutrition community.

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