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Why Waiting Until You Are Thirsty Is NOT Too Late

If you wait until you are thirsty it is too late. You are already dehydrated. You ever heard that? I'll bet you have. Right before you were told to pour a gallon or two of water down your throat every single day. Complete and utter bull-hockey.

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Muscle Cramps Part V

In the last article we introduced you to Randy, our imaginary 70 kg average male runner, and we created some potential scenarios regarding his fluid and sodium losses and replacement. The biggest take home message was to listen to your body and to drink to thirst, as this has been shown again and again in the field and the lab to keep people from drinking either too little or too much. We have received tons of feedback and discussion, and as we stated in the comments to that post we are pleased that so many of you are participating in the discussion, sharing your stories, and asking relevant and insightful questions.

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Muscle Cramps Part 4.5

This is a pseudo-Part V of our series on Muscle Cramps - I was tempted to call it Part V, but it's a little bit of a departure from what we've been talking about. In our next article, which we will be calling Part V, we'll wrap up this really challenging series and try to summarize all of the comments and our articles into one concluding piece.

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