Quality Volume Deadlifts

I've been following a "volume" oriented approach to Deadlifts for many months now. This blog post is meant to explain this quality based volume approach to training heavy on Deadlifts.

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Top 10 Rules For Deadlift Training

These are my top ten rules for deadlifts. I love deadlifts and having Eric as my guide and mentor for all things life; here are some really quick pointers about how to get good at pulling big weights for deadlifts.

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Deadlifts: Don't Jerk the Weight off The Floor?

By Eric Troy

This should be a very short blog post. I have gotten a great number of queries about "jerking the weight off the floor" leading to some of my deadlift posts. I was wondering why this question suddenly sprang up so I did some searching. I found that there is some advice floating around about how you should never JERK the weight off the floor in the deadlift, because this can injure the shoulders and cause the hips to shoot up.

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