Belly Breathing? Is This the Correct Way to Breathe?

I was reading over my comments secondary to the article on the valsalva maneuver and some of the things I said struck me as important enough to mention again as a separate blog post.

All the time we are instructed to do "belly breathing" or to "breathe into the belly". There is an idea there that has something to do with correct diaphragmatic breathing but it has been mixed with some incorrect interpretations. The basic question is:

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Analyzing Core Stabilization Techniques - Bridging the Gap

As most of you know, the world of core stabilization has yielded as much attention as Paris Hilton buying a new Chihuahua. The difference: core stabilization warrants most of the attention it gets. I say "most" because as with many catchy terms in the fitness industry, it can be abused with the content that goes into defining these terms. However, for the sake of this article I am going to review what I feel to be the more logical techniques that are involved in stabilizing that snake-like structure we call the spine.

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Dead Bug Track (Using Posterior Pelvic Tilt)

The dead bug track1 was conceived to to incorporate movement of the extremities while keeping the transverse abdominus and the muscles of the pelvic floor contracted. The arms and then legs become long levers that provide and extra challenge to maintaining a neutral pelvis to improve lumbopelvic control.

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Valsalva Maneuver

The valsalva maneuver was named for Antonio Valsalva, an 18th century physician. Used as a way to evaluate the cardiovascular system, it is often done, both consciously and unconsciously, by those engaged in vigorous movement; especially where those movements encounter resistance, as with strength training. Described simply, the valsalva maneuver is a forced expiration against a closed glottis.

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