Toxic Hunger? Toxic Clickbait is More Like It!

I am very happy to be bringing you this guest post by Dave Hargreaves, a fantastic personal trainer operating out of Melbourne, Australia, who specializes in Flexible Dieting with an interest in the avoidance of relapse for those in recovery from, or susceptible to eating disorders. His current and past clients include marathon runners, triathletes, powerlifters and others with general fitness and body conditioning goals. Dave has an infectious passion for the truth, and absolutely no tolerance for the pseudo-scientific and often harmful claims and prescriptions that plague the fitness and health industry. He goes after nonsense, and those who perpetuate it, with a fierceness and complete lack of pretension that is not often seen in this industry. Here, he rebuts an article from T-Nation, and its fantastical and baseless claims concerning 'toxic hunger.'

By Dave Hargreaves

Last week the T-Nation website ran an article on nutrition, which included some highly dubious claims about what happens when you choose “the wrong foods,” according to a new theory apparently coming out of the nutrition community.

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Consuming Whey Protein and Poor Appetite in Strength Training

The video below goes very deep into the lore of whey protein, including the way it is perceived as a nutraceutical which should be "taken" instead of consumed. The case is made that whey is a food and not a medicine, and should and can be treated as such.

Myths about the danger of whey and many other details are discussed, including warnings about consuming too many "liquid calories," the anabolic window of opportunity, and nutrient timing in general. Of special interest may be the discussion concerning strength trainees with poor appetites. How does whey fit in with this problem?

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Pica: Craving Nonfood Items

Pica is the craving and eating of nonfood items. It can develop in any person but seems to be most often experienced by African American women (data is limited) in the pregnancy and postpartum period. In the southern United States, 16 to 57 percent of pregnant African-American women admit to pica. It is also generally more common in persons with severe impairments and mental retardation, although there is no connection whatsoever between the latter and the former.

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Hunger is a Physical Feeling

In my post, Instinctual Eating, Thin People, and Appetite, I discussed eating from the perspective of one life-long thin person.

My problem is not, therefore, keeping off fat but eating enough to maintain my strength and of course to continually get stronger. For a person like me that is not so easy to do and involves what seems like a lot of eating. Back when I was still suffering from the bodybuilding affliction it was even worse.

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Instinctual Eating, Thin People, and Appetite

By Eric Troy

Once in a post about Micheal Pollan's ideas about "nutritionism" and instinctual eating I made the following statement:

“…nutritionists would never tell you that simply eating by your “instincts” is a magical ticket to health.”

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