Unilateral Press With Lunge

Posted on 27 Dec 2010 18:55

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Exercise Description of the Unilateral Press with Lunge

Unilateral Press with Lunge

One of my favorite exercises which uses almost every muscle in my body is the Unilateral Press with Lunge. I normally do these with a Reverse Lunge however you can do them with the Front Lunge as well. For all purposes in this article, I am referring solely to the Reverse Lunge.

This is a list of the steps required to execute the lift:

  1. Pick up a pair of dumbbells; one in each hand and "clean" them to your shoulder. You must be standing at all times.
  2. With the dumbbells at shoulder height, move your left foot behind in the Reverse Lunge position.
  3. Slowly descend into the Reverse Lunge.
  4. At the bottom of the lunge, raise your right dumbbell. In other words: press the dumbbell over your head.
  5. Keeping the dumbbell in that position, raise yourself on your right foot.
  6. Lower the dumbbell into starting position.
  7. Repeat the same procedure with the right leg placed behind you.
  8. It is important to know that if you perform the Reverse Lunge with your left foot behind, you must press the dumbbell overhead only with your right hand. The dumbbells in your left hand will remain at shoulder height. This will all be inverted if you were using your right foot behind in the Reverse Lunge: the dumbbell being pressed overhead would be in your right hand and the dumbbell in your left hand would remain at shoulder height.

Here is a video demonstration of the exercise:

Unilateral Press with Lunge Video Demonstration

I think this is a great functional exercise which takes a mean toll on your core strength.

Eric has posted a slightly different version of the exercise right here: Dumbbell Lunge Press


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