Super Cup Of The Titans 2011

Posted on 23 May 2011 05:06

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Here are the results of one of the most impressive powerlifting competitions of 2011 so far. Evgeniy Yarymbash came in first place with a 1,195 kilo total, Andrey Malanichev came in second place with a 1,180 kilo total and Andrey Belyaev finished in third place with a 1,100 kilo total. Judging was not via Wilk's formula but some good old school "Whoever lifts the most comes in First Place" decision making!

The complete results can be found here

I will update videos as they are posted. What an epic meet!

Place Name Squat Bench Deadlift Total Wilk's
First Place Evgeniy Yarymbash 460.0 352.5 382.5 1,195.0 677.74
Second Place Andrey Malanichev 480.0 300.0 400.0 1,180.0 661.15
Third Place Andrey Belyaev 425.0 300.0 375.0 1,100.0 674.58

Here are the videos:

Evgeniy Yarymbash Videos

Yarambash- 460kg (1014.1) squat

Yarambash 352.5kg (777.1) single ply bench

Yarambash 382.5kg (843.2) deadlift

Andrey Malanichev Videos

Malanichev Squat 470kg (1036.1)

Malanichev Squat 480kg (1058.2)

Malanichev Squat 490kg (1080.2) miss

Malanichev Bench 300kg (661.3) 2nd attempt

Malanichev Deadlift 390kg (859.8)

Malanichev Deadlift 400kg (881.8)

Malanichev Deadlift 417.5kg (920.4) miss

Andrey Belyaev Videos

Belyaev Squat 425kg (936.9)

Belyaev Bench 300kg (661.3)

Belyaev Deadlift 375kg (826.7)


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