Rope Pull-ups

Posted on 08 Jan 2011 11:04

Exercise Demonstration of Rope Pull-ups

Equipment Requirements

You will need

  • Rope or Towel (a rope is harder to grip than a towel)
  • Pull-up bar or a place which can support your weight and you can pass the towel over.

Thats it.

How to Perform the Rope Pullup

The video below is plenty helpful - I won't go putting it all into words. I am going to list some tips/suggestions:

  • Remember this is a Grip Training Exercise.
  • Progression is via adding weight to your body or adding reps or sets. Basically you have total load, volume and workload to play with.
  • When you grip the towel remember to have it rotating in a cross counter fashion in terms of hand-to-hand. What I mean is, for example if you're rotating the towel in a counter clockwise direction with your left hand, you should be rotating/twisting the towel in a clockwise direction with your right hand.

Rope Pullups Exercise Demonstration Video

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