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Posted on 27 Jul 2009 07:41

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I am going to start posting my random thoughts out here. They may or may not be coherrant but I'll do my best to articulate my thoughts.

So, without further aduei, let me get to it:

Random Thought #1

Quality as a form of Progression

A month ago, it was not possible for me to do very many Pistol Squats. I think I could do a total of 10 in one workout. Now, as of last week and the week before, cranking out 20-23 reps over a workout is possible.

But, it is increasingly harder for me to be do these for increasing reps - in the sense, these are becoming hard to progress on - if I look at "progress" as simply adding reps.

Therefore, I am making it a goal to improve my quality per rep. If the quality of my reps - my form, confidence and general smoothness of the motion has improved over last week, then it means I have progressed.

If y'all are interested, my Conditioning Workout has some clips of my Pistol Squats: Conditioning Day


Random Thought #2

Psychological Hang-ups

I hate to sound like one of those self-help type guys but I'm going to be very honest over here.

I suffer from anxiety. I am in constant fear of getting weaker. If I try to rationalize this I become not only fearful of getting weaker but also of getting stronger because then I have even more to lose.

Well, I used to be much worse before. Usually, in the past, if you meet me before my Deadlift workout, you'll find me very much on the edge - very irritable, I can't talk properly, I'm not calm.

But, I've changed over the last few months. Here are some of the steps I have made:

1.) I am lifting weights because I want to and because I like to. That means weightlifting is a form of leisure for me. Sometimes it helps to remember this little fact. It puts things into perspective.
2.) I am not running a race.
3.) Think of working out when I'm in the gym. It shouldn't affect my normal life.
4.) Getting stronger out of fear of becoming weak is bad. It's purely negative reinforcement. Iwould rather get stronger because I like how it feels. Just thinking about this calms me down.
5.) A positive atmosphere coming from me is helpful to me. While resting before a max attempt, I used to ponder "Oh I saw this crazy youtube video of a guy getting smashed with this…I wonder if I'll get injured too." Invariably, I would fail the lift. These types of negative thoughts can really damage one's confidence. I've learned to work through this problem.

I read this and I think I must sound like a complete nut-job. I mean, who worries about lifting weights? Well, I guess I do and in the past it's been a real hinderance to my progress. Not anymore though.


Random Thought #3

When the simple becomes complex and the complex becomes…

I can do Overhead Squats - with near perfect technique, too. Infact, if you look at my videos you'll notice that most of the time I am a technique guy. Where I lack brute strength, I make up for in technique. I am not boasting about this. I take pride in having good form because I've drilled it into me. I've worked hard to get my form down (thanks to my excellent teacher Eric Troy) so please don't mistake this for me being a pompous know-it-all.

So for me, doing OH Squats is easy. But ask me to do a shrug.. My form breaks down.

I find it highly ironic that I am able to do an OH Squats (even though it took a lot of time and effort to nail my form down) which is such an uncommon and unconventional exercise but I cannot do Shrugs properly.





I am going to try and come up with these types of Random Though posts every week or so. Not all of it will be related to training though. I do hope to make them entetaining.

I hope y'all enjoyed this little update!


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