Pinch Grip Dumbbell Deadlifts

08 Jan 2011 11:43

Exercise Demonstration: Pinch Grip Dumbbell Deadlifts

Equipment Required

All you need is:

  • Chalk
  • Dumbbells with flat ends (note: The plates at the ends cannot be too thick)

Pinch Grip Deadlift Exercise Tips

The video below is self-explanatory so I'm going to list some small tips which make this exercise more efficient:

  • Learn to apply grip tension while keeping your entire arm loose and un-flexed. The challenge is to be able to make a tight fist while keeping your upper arm and shoulder loose.
  • Progress by adding weight. After a point you will need to branch off into something else (once it becomes too difficult to pinch the dumbbell).

Pinch Grip Dumbbell Deadlift Exercise Demonstration Video

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