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Posted on 26 Jun 2009 13:05

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I finally made my own Dip Belt today.

I bought a cheap ass leather weightlifting belt for $7 (this is Bombay after all).

I then proceeded to buy a 6 foot long chain from a hardware shop for $2.

Then, I bought one of those hook like thing's (the one's they use on the pulley push downs or cables, etc) for $1.

That's it. It can withstand 40 kgs with ease. At the very worst I'll need to replace the lock. But the chain was sustained 50 kgs on it or so.

So how do you set this up? You wear the belt. Then, you put the plate in the chain and seal it. So now you have a belt on and a chain with weight on it. You then fasten the chain to the belt by passing it through once and then looping it back - like how you would if you were to do banded push-downs or whatever.

That is it.

$10 for a dip belt which can sustain 40-50 kgs of weigh on it.

Except I am going to use it for pull-ups on which I cannot even do 30 kgs loaded.

So yeah, I am damn excited for today's workout!!! I hope the belt holds.


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