Crazy Deadlifting by Konstantine Konstantinovs and Andy Bolton

Posted on 06 Jun 2010 14:13

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Konstantinovs and Bolton are pushing Deadlifting to the far extreme these days..Bolton and Konstantinovs pull over 900 lbs RAW!!!!

First, Bolton recently set an unofficial World Record Deadlift at a Powerlifting Exhibition. He pulled 432.5 kgs which equals 951.5 lbs. It is essential to note that he did this RAW with only a belt!!! Here is the video:

Any Bolton Deadlifting 951.5 Lbs

Just yesterday, Konstantinovs pulled 413 kgs or 910 lbs RAW with no belt and at a bodyweight less than 300 lbs. Here is the video:

Konstatinove Deadlifting 910 Lbs Raw

I believe that at Andy's special meet at which he has invited all the best Deadlifters in the world to compete under one roof, some amazing records are going to be set and I do hope that Konstantinovs changes his mind and decides to compete at the meet.


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