Athlete Drug Tests: Anti-Doping Officials Want Tougher Penalties

Posted on 18 Nov 2010 20:30

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According to this associated press article at NBC's Universal Sports site, international anti-doping officials want four-year bans, not two, for athletes who fail drug tests. According to World Anti-Doping Agency Director General David Howman, clean athletes "don't want to be lining up against people who cheat," he said. "They get a two-year penalty and, quick as a flash, they're back again."

The International Weightlifting Federation already doubled the standard penalty in 2008, making the 4 year ban it's standard punishment after there were so many drug scandals in Olympic weightlifting that it became doubtful whether weightlifting would continue to be a part of the Olympics.

Other sport governing bodies and national doping bodies have been slow to follow suit even though there was a big push for stronger penalties. Apparently talking about being tough on drugs is very popular but actually being tough is not.


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