symptoms of anemia, heart, respiratory, muscular, intestinal, eyes, and central symptoms

Sports Anemia

Sports anemia is not a true anemia. It is an anemia-like condition that is normal in endurance and ultra-endurance athletes, and is widely considered to be a normal adaptive response to endurance exercise. The condition manifests as endurance athletes having lower hemoglobin levels (Hb) than nonathletes. These athletes will often look slightly anemic compared to others and this decrease in plasma Hb levels can range from 5% in recreational runners to 20% in elite marathoners. There are two mechanisms for this pseudoanemia and the latter described is the best explanation for a chronic low hemoglobin level.

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What is Anemia? Its Causes, Symptoms, Diagnoses and Treatments

Anemia is a condition in which your blood does not carry enough oxygen to the rest of your body because of a shortage of health red blood cells. This is most commonly caused by a shortage of iron in the body, which is needed to make hemoglobin. The iron containing protein that gives blood the its red color, hemoglobin is the actual component of the blood cells which carries the oxygen.

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Minerals and Sports Performance

Minerals are essential for a wide variety of metabolic and physiologic processes in the human body. Some of the physiologic roles of minerals important to athletes are their involvement in: muscle contraction, normal hearth rhythm, nerve impulse conduction, oxygen transport, oxidative phosphorylation, enzyme activation, immune functions, antioxidant activity, bone health, and acid-base balance of the blood. The two major classes of minerals are the macrominerals and the trace elements. The scope of this article will focus on the ergogenic theory and the efficacy of such mineral supplementation.

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