Additional Feeds

Not everybody wants the same information. Therefore we have provided these specific feeds so that you can choose the specific categories of information you would like to be delivered to you via your favorite reader or by e-mail.

Subscribe to GUS News
This is the general category. Everything published on the GUS home page is delivered in this feed. Announcements about new articles, interesting forum threads, "blog" posts, and any other news about GUS or GUS's friends.

New Forum Threads
This one is self explanatory. All new threads in the forum are delivered in this thread. Click on the ones you are interested in.

GUS Training Articles
The training articles are delivered in this feed IN FULL. Read them right from your favorite reader or your hompage, such as iGoogle or MyYahoo. Or get them in your email.

GUS Nutrition Articles
You get it….

GUS Fatloss Articles

GUS Mobility Articles

GUS Kinesiology Articles

GUS Injury and Pain: Prevention and Treatment Articles

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